ZTE Completes China Mobile's MWDM Semi-active Fronthaul Live Network Test

- Jan 04, 2021-

Recently, ZTE completed the live network test of the MWDM semi-active fronthaul system organized by China Mobile. The test content includes MWDM optical module indicators, MWDM filter indicators, optical cable links, system OAM functions, system functions and performance, equipment power consumption, nearly 40 test items in seven categories of control functions and interfaces. ZTE's MWDM semi-active fronthaul equipment and intelligent management and control system ElasticNet UME participated in the test. The test results show that ZTE’s MWDM semi-active fronthaul system meets the requirements of typical live network functions and performance. At the same time, ZTE's APD receiver module can meet the requirements of high-loss and long-distance transmission, and for the first time introduced a simple start-up tool that supports fast start-up and detection. The completion of this test signifies that China Mobile's semi-active fronthaul solution for MWDM has achieved large-scale commercial capabilities.

In 5G construction, traditional optical fiber direct drive and passive CWDM solutions have been commercialized on a large scale. The traditional optical fiber direct drive solution will cause a huge consumption of optical fiber resources, which is one of the main bottlenecks in 5G construction. The passive CWDM fronthaul solution can reasonably solve the 6-wave single fiber transmission, but it’s difficult to further improve in the 12-wave single fiber transmission and later management and maintenance. The MWDM semi-active fronthaul solution led by China Mobile solves the problem of 12-wave single-fiber bidirectional transmission, realizes single-fiber transmission in 5G base stations and DU machine rooms, and further improves fiber utilization. The OAM solution based on top adjustment can provide comprehensive Fault monitoring/fault early warning/fault location means.

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