Transceiver Applications Have Played A Huge Role

- Jun 01, 2017-

Transceiver application is an Ethernet that converts short twisted pair electrical signals and long distance optical signals.

Network transmission media conversion unit, Transceiver Applications in many places also known as the photoelectric converter (FiberConverter). Fiber receipt

The application of the transmitter is generally unable to cover the Ethernet cable, must use the fiber to extend the transmission distance of the actual network ring

Environment, and usually located in the broadband metro access layer applications; Transceiver Applications at the same time to help the fiber last mile line connection

To the metro and more outside the network also played a huge role.

Fiber optic transceivers are generally used in the actual network environment where Ethernet cables can not be overwritten and must be used to extend the transmission distance, while also helping to connect the fiber's last mile line to the metro network and the outer network The role. With fiber optic transceivers, Transceiver Applications but also for the need to upgrade the system from copper to fiber, for the lack of funds, manpower or time to provide users with a cheap program. The role of fiber optic transceivers, we want to send the electrical signal into optical signals, and sent out at the same time, can receive the optical signal into electrical signals, input to our receiver.

That fiber optic transceiver is how access to the network?

Cable from the outside, the cable to be welded in the cable box, that is, the terminal box, cable welding is the door technology, the need to peel the cable, with the pigtail fiber and fiber in the fine fiber welding, welding on the box, so We come out of the pigtail, Transceiver Applications the fiber out of the head on the ODF (a shelf, connected with a coupler), the other side of the shelf is also used pigtail (that is, fiber jumpers can also be, in fact, pigtail is done fiber Jumper) out, connected to the fiber optic transceivers, fiber optic transceivers out of the network connection router ---- switch --- LAN --- host.

All in all, the order of the fiber optic transceivers to connect the various devices for the cable - terminal box - pigtail - coupler - fiber jumpers - fiber optic transceivers.

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