The Multiplexer Saves The System Operating Costs For The Enterprise

- Aug 25, 2017-

Multiplexer is an access multiplexing device capable of integrating data, voice, fax and LAN, Multiplexers and can efficiently mix voice / fax and data on a line, thus reducing the cost of network communication and saving System operating costs.

Multiplexers are devices that use multiplexing techniques to load multiple low-speed or narrowband data from multiple terminals into a high-speed or wide-band communication line. Multiplexers The role of the multiplexer is popular, that is used to select the digital signal path, so sometimes called the data selector.

The purpose of the multiplexer is to make full use of the capacity of the communication channel and greatly reduce the cost of the system. For example, Multiplexers for a pair of telephone lines, its communication band is generally above 100 kHz, and the frequency band of each telephone signal is generally limited to 4 kHz or less. At this point, the capacity of the channel is much larger than the amount of information transmission of all the way.

The use of multiplexers, multi-channel data can share a channel. This sharing method achieves good results when the data stream on the multiplexed line is continuous. Obviously, doing this is more economical than using each terminal with a communication line. Multiplexers are always used in pairs. Multiplexers A continuous terminal, and the other in the vicinity of the host, its role is to receive the composite data stream, according to the channel separation of data, and send them to the corresponding output line, so called the solution multiplexer.

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