Sky Optics New Product 16G BIDI SFP+ 10KM Optical Transceiver.

- Jun 14, 2019-

Sky Optics new product 16G BIDI SFP+ 10KM optical transceiver.

Sky Optics recently released 16G BIDI SFP+ 10KM transceiver module, to meet the high demand of fiber channel. It it fully compatible with Cisco and other brands. 

The 16G BIDI SFP+ transceiver is designed for using ic fiber channel, support data rate of 14.025Gbps and 10km transmission distance with SMF. It is compliant with SFP+ MSA and SFF-8472, with Digital Diagnostic Monitoring, and operatiing temperature is 0 to +70℃。


  • 4.25/8.5/14.025G Fibre channel

Ordering Information

Part NumberProduct description


1330Tx/1270Rx,  14.025Gbps,  LC,  10km,    0°C~+70°C,  with DDM

1270Tx/1330Rx,  14.025Gbps,  LC,  10km,    0°C~+70°C,  with DDM

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