Sky Optics Launched New Product 25G BIDI SFP28 Transceiver 10KM

- Jul 17, 2019-

Sky Optics launched new product 25G BIDI SFP28 transceiver 10KM


The SFP28 transceivers are high performance, cost effective modules supporting data rate of 25.78Gbps and 10km transmission distance with SMF.

Product Features

  • Supports up to 25.78Gbps bit rates

  • Hot-pluggable SFP+ footprint

  • 1330nm DFB laser and PIN photodiode, Up to 10km for SMF transmission

  • Compliant with SFP+ MSA and SFF-8472 with simplex LC receptacle

  • Compatible with RoHS

  • Single +3.3V power supply

  • Real Time Digital Diagnostic Monitoring

  • Operating case temperature:

  • Standard:  0 to +70°C


  • 25GBASE-LR

Ordering information

Part NumberDescription
Tx1270/ Rx1330, 25.78Gbps BIDI SFP28, LC, 10KM, 0℃ ~ +70℃, with DDM
SPP-B3225-10CTx1330/ Rx1270, 25.78Gbps BIDI SFP28, LC, 10KM, 0℃ ~ +70℃, with DDM

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