Single-Mode / Multi-Mode Optical Fiber

- Aug 31, 2019-

Single-Mode fiber (usually yellow color) is available for long distance transmission, however Multi-Mode fiber ( usually orange, Aqua color etc. ) is available for short distance.

Single-Mode fiber                Multi-Mode OM3 LC-SC MMF

Single Mode Fiber is transmitted in one mode with a core of 9μm and transmission speed of 100M/s or 1G/s. Transmission distance is more than 5km. The light source is the laser source. The cable color is mostly yellow, connector is mostly blue or green, and the wavelength is 1310nm~1550nm.

single mode

Multi Mode Fiber supports multi-modes of transmission with a core of 50μm/62.5μm and a typical speed of 100M/s. The transmission distance is up to 2km, 1 G/s up to 1km, and 10 G/s up to 550m. The light source is an LED light source. Cable color is orange for 1000M, Aqua for 10Gigabit, and connector is mostly grayish white. Wavelength is 850nm/1310nm.

Multi Mode

Single-Mode and Multi- Mode fiber


Single/multimode fiber classification

Single mode fiber has G652 G655 G657, Multimode fiber has OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5.

Fiber typeFiber modeCable Diameter
Single Mode

Multi Mode



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