SFP + Supports GE And 10GE Applications

- Sep 18, 2017-

SFP + is a new generation of 10 Gigabit optical module, which in accordance with the ANSI T11 protocol, to meet the Fiber Channel 8.5G and Ethernet 10G applications. SFP + is about 30% smaller than the earlier XFP optical module, and is the same as the conventional 1-4G SFP optical module. SFP + only retains the basic electro-optical, photoelectric conversion function, reducing the original XFP design SerDes, CDR, EDC, SFP+ MAC and other signal control functions, thus simplifying the 10G optical module design, power consumption and thus smaller. SFP + has the advantages of high density, SFP+ low power consumption, lower system construction cost and so on. The product is widely used in the field of 10 Gigabit Ethernet optical fiber data communication, SFP+ which is the mainstream product of 10GU module. SFP + 10GBASE-LR single-mode fiber 10-20 km; SFP + 10GBASE-LR multi-mode fiber 220 meters; SFP + 10GBASE-LR single-mode fiber 10-20 km; SFP + 10GBASE-LR 300 meters (multi-mode OM3 fiber) ER single-mode fiber 40 km; SFP + 10GBASE-ZR single-mode fiber 80 km; 18 band CWDM SFP +; 40 band DWDM SFP +; BIDI SFP + full range

SFP + Features:

1, support GE and 10GE applications

SFP-10GB-SR 850nm VCSEL and PIN receiver

SFP-10GB-LR 1310nm DFB and PIN receiver

2, SFI high-speed electrical interface

3, integrated digital diagnostic monitoring function optional

4, SFP + MSA package, dual LC connector

5, + 3.3 V single power supply

6, power consumption is less than 1.0W

7, the working temperature: 0 ~ +70 ℃

SFP + supports SONET, Gigabit Ethernet

Fiber Channel, and some other communication standards. This standard extends to SFP +

, Can support 10.0 Gbit / s transfer rate, including 8 gigabit Fiber Channel and 10GbE.

Introduced the fiber and copper version of the SFP + module version, SFP+ with the module Xenpak, X2

Or XFP version compared to SFP +

Module will be part of the circuit to stay on the motherboard to achieve, SFP+ rather than within the module to achieve.

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