SFP Is Widely Used In The Communications Industry

- Nov 02, 2017-

SFP is a small hot-swappable optical transceiver module, widely used in the communications industry. The SFP module compresses the size and power consumption by placing CDR and electro-dispersion compensation outside the module, and SFP is an abbreviation for SMALL FORM PLUGGABLE (small pluggable).

SFP is regulated by a multilateral agreement (MSA) between competing vendors. The SFP is designed according to the GBIC interface, allowing a greater port density than the GBIC (the number of transceivers per inch on the board), SFF is soldered to the motherboard as a pin through-hole device Rhithers. SFP Refinding hearts Results Results (round Rhitherger)

SFP development

With the rapid development of the network, GBIC and SFF optical modules are gradually replaced by SFP. SFP optical module inherited the GBIC hot-swappable features, but also learn from the advantages of SFF miniaturization. Using LC head, a great increase in the network equipment port density, SFP to adapt to the rapid development of the network trend, has been the most extensive application. Although there have been many higher technology and updated optical module products, SFP will continue to exist for a long time. After the SFP, the development of optical modules is mainly toward a higher rate of development, now has appeared 10G, 40G, 100G and other optical modules.

SFP support hot plug, but also has low cost, miniaturization and reliability and other characteristics and advantages, SFP is the current market share of relatively high optical module type.

SFP classification

1, according to the rate of 155M / 622M / 1.25G / 2.125G / 4.25G / 8G / 10G, 155M and 1.25G on the market with more, 10G technology is gradually mature, SFP demand is rising attitude development.

2, according to the wavelength of 850nm / 1310nm / 1550nm / 1490nm / 1530nm / 1610nm, the wavelength of 850nm for the SFP multi-mode, transmission distance of 2KM below the wavelength is 1310 / 1550nm single mode, transmission distance of 2KM above, Said the price of these three wavelengths are cheaper than the other three.

SFP is widely used, generally can be used in 100 megahertz Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, routers, switches, optical transceivers, optical and base stations.

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1, take the optical module, do not touch the SFP's cheat part, so as to avoid damage to the SFP.

2, insert the SFP, make sure that the SFP handle is attached to the SFP's optical port and then insert, if you just remove the SFP, do not pull out the light plug plug directly into the plug.

3, pull out the SFP, the first fiber optic cable pulled out, SFP pull the handle and light port about 90 degrees after the slow pull out, pull out when not too hard or the handle is not in place to pull out, there may be shielded SFP The cover is damaged.

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