QSFP + Features

- Aug 25, 2017-

QSFP + components, including: QSFP interface, micro-control unit, multi-wavelength VCSEL unit, receiving unit, optical multiplexing unit, optical demultiplexing unit and optical interface; micro-control unit connected with the QSFP interface for QSFP + optical module components to control , QSFP+ The monitoring and internal storage; the multi-wavelength VCSEL unit is connected with the micro-control unit for transmitting optical signals of different wavelengths to the optical multiplexing unit for optical multiplexing; the receiving unit is connected with the micro-control unit for receiving the optical signal to the optical demultiplexing Unit is optically demultiplexed; QSFP+ the light processed by the optical multiplexing unit and the optical demultiplexing unit is connected with the optical fiber through the optical fiber interface. The QSFP + optical module components provided by the present invention produce different wavelengths by designing the internal material composition and size of the VCSEL. The use of VCSEL single longitudinal mode multi-transverse mode features, can be different wavelengths coupled into a multi-mode fiber, QSFP+ can greatly reduce R & D and manufacturing costs.

Key features of QSFP + include:

Field test validation single fiber bi-directional 40G module solution

QSFP+ Cost-effective solutions with 40G upgrades using existing 10G networks

QSFP+ Based on dual-fiber LC connector program, not the traditional QSFP + module 8-fiber QSFP + program

Compatible with 40GbEIEEE802.3ba-2010XLPPI electrical port specification

Compatible with QSFP + SFF-8436 Specifications Flying fiber supply All-type compatible 40G QSFP +, meet all the above characteristics.

With the growing demand for broadband, optical network development faster and faster, so as the optical network facilities in the core device optical module demand is more and more urgent, QSFP+ more and more demanding. QSFP + (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus): The four-channel SPF + interface (QSFP +) was created to meet the market's demand for higher-density, high-speed pluggable solutions. This 4-channel hot-swappable interface delivers 40 Gbps. Support for multiple data rates (such as 1.25, 2.5, 4 Gbps), support and Ethernet, Fiber Channel and InfiniBand and other protocols, for short distance transmission is a simple and convenient, practical and effective solution. QSFP + is a new type of fiber optic transmission interface, its speed and density than the traditional four-channel SFP connection port, because it can and SFP + and the same number of ports in the case of the same volume The QSFP + density is up to four times that of the SFP + product. This QSFP + interface with four transmission channels and higher density than the SFP + is currently used by the InfiniBand standard. Currently on the market production of QSFP + great demand, but the production process of a variety of unqualified lead to product production instability, QSFP+ product production and practical needs of the existence of a huge gap between the production rate of products to solve the current production of the device Businessmen need to solve the problem.

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