Optical Communication Industry Chain Devices The Weakest

- Jul 06, 2016-

Since in the mid 1990 of the 20th century, both in terms of technology and related products, has been rapid development of optical communications, and established its irreplaceable centrality in communication, as the Foundation and core of construction of optical communication systems and networks, opto-electronic devices support the developments of optical communication network equipment. From the perspective of future developments, high speed communication systems and the development of all-optical network must rely on optoelectronic devices rate promotion, the further development of integrated and intelligent, can be achieved. Backward status of our core optical electronics industry, the national people's Congress, President of the Wuhan Research Institute of posts and telecommunications this year, Tong Guohua the "two sessions" solemnly put forward recommendations on, vigorously promote the development of optoelectronic industry and innovation.

Tong Guohua believes that in the chain of the entire optical communications industry in China, opto-electronic devices are the weakest link, lags far behind countries such as Europe and Japan in the global top 10 supplier of optoelectronic devices, only Shiner scientific entries, and only 4% per cent of global market share.

At present, there are three main aspects of opto-electronic devices development. Is a core technology development capability is not strong, controlled by others. Compared to most countries, China has a complete industrial chain of optical communication, but core devices most imported high-end products is almost empty, low-end product localization rate is low. Due to the upstream chips did not have the core technology, advanced key technology is still in the hands of foreign companies, domestic producers could not meet the demand of chips, optoelectronic module manufacturers can only buy foreign products, whether optical passive device or a light source device, serious constraints on domestic production of high-end devices. Compared to other areas of optical communication parts has achieved a leading global situation, China's optoelectronic industry is still in a difficult Chase.

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