Malaysia Plans To Build A Hyperscale Data Center

- Jan 11, 2021-

Big data is continuing to affect global companies and industry users, while changing the decision-making model of financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and other businesses. As more and more data are created, stored and analyzed, data storage management and high-performance operation have prompted many technology, information technology and digital companies to list the construction of ultra-large-scale data centers as their important construction projects.

Hyperscale data centers have become an important support for the development of Internet services. Currently, hyperscale operators include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba. Due to the large scale, the software and hardware design, configuration, energy consumption and management operation of the data center have unique requirements, which also raises the threshold for the company to enter the super-large data center club. Malaysia will build a super-large-scale data center based on the construction of an artificial intelligence industrial park, and its final capacity will be expanded to 100MW.

The artificial intelligence industrial park developed by G3 Global and its partners is the first in Malaysia and even ASEAN, and it is also an artificial intelligence-driven technology city. The artificial intelligence industrial park will promote the development of the artificial intelligence industry in Malaysia, drive the construction of public service facilities, cultivate local professionals and introduce large-scale domestic and foreign investment, create employment opportunities, and drive Malaysian economic growth. The artificial intelligence industrial park will involve the development of a new generation of products and services, including smart cities, retail, education, and healthcare, as well as the innovative development of robotics, financial technology, and blockchain. The artificial intelligence industrial park will be injected with smart technology, including autonomous vehicles, virtual learning models, smart retail and medical service robots.

The construction of ultra-large-scale data centers will become the new normal in the field of information technology. There are currently more than 500 hyperscale data centers in the world, and this is still growing.

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