Fiber Network Card To Improve The Speed Of The Network Backbone System

- Jun 01, 2017-

A fiber-optic network card is a device that can be used directly to connect to a network.

Fiber-optic network card, Fiber NIC Card refers to the fiber optic Ethernet adapter, referred to as fiber-optic network card, scientific name Fiber Ethernet Adapter. General through the fiber optic cable and fiber-optic Ethernet switch connection.

According to the transmission rate can be divided into 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps;

According to the motherboard socket type can be divided into PCI, PCI-X, PCI-E (x1 / x4 / x8 / x16)

According to the type of interface is divided into LC, SC, FC, ST and so on.

The fiber-optic network card provides a reliable fiber connection for the computer on a fast Ethernet network. It is particularly suitable for access to information points beyond the five-line access distance (100m), Fiber NIC Card which can completely replace the current widespread use of RJ45 interface Ethernet Network card external photoelectric converter network structure, to provide users with reliable fiber to the home and fiber to the desktop solution. Users can choose according to the use of fiber interface parameters (including connectors, single / multi-mode fiber, working distance, etc.).

Fiber-optic network card, refers to the Fiber Channel network in the HBA card. Scientific name. The transport protocol is a Fiber Channel protocol and is typically connected to a Fiber Channel switch through a fiber optic cable. The interface type is divided into optical port and electrical port. Fiber NIC Card Optical interface is generally through the fiber optic cable for data transmission, the interface module is generally SFP (transmission rate 2Gb / s) and GBIC (1Gb / s), the corresponding interface for the SC and LC. The interface type of the electrical interface is generally DB9 pin or HSSDC.

1000Mbps fiber network card is also known as Gigabit Ethernet fiber network card, is the transmission rate of 1000Mbps Ethernet fiber network card, the maximum transmission speed can reach 1000Mbps. Can only provide a fixed transmission speed, can not achieve 10/100 / 1000M adaptive. Gigabit Ethernet network card for the server, in order to provide high-speed connection between the server and the switch to improve the response speed of the network backbone system.

With the popularity of a large number of fiber-optic network, Gigabit desktop fiber-optic network card, but also fiber to the desktop market has been widely used. Such as Macnet7210PF, Macnet9210PF two kinds of fiber-optic network card, is the desktop fiber-optic network card, Fiber NIC Card the former for the 32bit PCI interface, which is PCI-e X1 interface, allowing users to provide reliable Gigabit fiber connection. Build an all-fiber-to-desk (FTTD) network.

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