Coriant Offers 200-Gbps Short-reach CFP2-ACO For Groove G30 Platform

- Mar 14, 2017-

Coriant offers 200-Gbps short-reach CFP2-ACO for Groove G30 platform

From Lightwave 

Coriant says it can offer a 200-Gbps short-reach CFP2-ACO pluggable optical transceiver for its Coriant Groove G30 Network Disaggregation Platform (NDP). The optical transport systems vendor says it designed the optical module, which uses silicon photonics technology from sister company Elenion Technologies 

The company expects the CFP2-ACO optical transceiver to find use in a range of carrier transport and data center interconnect (DCI) applications as an alternative to upcoming direct-detect options based on PAM-4 modulation. Coriant says the optical module leverages the advantages of coherent transmission at reduced cost and power versus other coherent options.

Coriant says the device will prove useful in applications where network operators use the Coriant Groove G30 Muxponder for 10G, 40G, and 100G service aggregation or 200G DWDM transport, with or without the Coriant Groove G30 Open Line System (OLS).

"Leveraging advances in high-speed optics enables Windstream to differentiate our 100G services and help our customers manage rising traffic volumes and dynamic workloads between data centers, especially in major metro markets," said Jeff Brown, director of product management and marketing for Windstream Wholesale. "The Coriant Groove G30 Platform serves as a key enabler of our 100G services in the New York metro area, and we're pleased to see Coriant enhance the value of this industry-leading solution with a new cost-effective short reach interconnect offering built upon innovations in silicon photonics."

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