CIOE2020 | SINOSEMIC Will Exhibit 850/940nm Full Series Of VCSEL Epitaxial Wafers And Chips

- Sep 07, 2020-

Tunable Wavelength Laser / TSL-550 | Suntech Network 9/07/2020, fiber optic newsletter, focusing on VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting laser) epitaxial wafer and chip solution provider-SINOSEMIC announced that it will During CIOE2020, a full range of products will be displayed, including 850nm 6G/10G/25G VSEL chips and epitaxial wafers, 940nm 5mW~4W VCSEL chips and epitaxial wafers, blue light chips and epitaxial wafers.

SINOSEMIC has completely independent intellectual property rights, and is the only high-tech company in China that has integrated VCSEL and blue laser epitaxy and chip technology and achieved mass production. It has a complete production line for device structure design, epitaxial material growth, and chip process. At present, all production lines are in the same domestic factory area, and the product development speed is fast, and it can respond to the various needs of customers for products quickly and at low cost.

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