China Mobile International Opens Data Center In UK For Business

- Jan 14, 2020-

China Mobile International (CMI) has opened a data center in UK. CMI expects the facility to be an important link between Asia and Europe. The data center serves as an international network exchange hub and an internet data center (IDC). The data center is also a cloud-connected PoP point, which can provide services to public cloud providers and cloud exchange platforms; it can connect enterprise users to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud applications, while simultaneously connecting its networks worldwide.


Li Feng, chairman and CEO of CMI, said "The opening of our new data center in UK is the sign of CMI's commitment to promoting secure and reliable high-speed connections around the world, and we continue to see strong customer demand for connectivity, cloud, and content delivery solutions between Asia Pacific and Europe, but also among with Middle East and Africa regions."


CMI pointed out that the UK's optical cable network, stable power capacity, and skilled workforce were considerations for choosing to deploy a data center here.

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