Lead XFP optical module is not working properly for several reasons

- Jul 06, 2016-

XFP optical modules, function failure of failure into the transmitter and the receiver, the most common questions in the following areas:
1. Light contamination and damage
Due to the optical interface of the pollution and damage caused by the optical link loss larger, resulting in optical link doesn't make sense. Causes of:
A. optical modules (optical module) optical port is exposed to the environment, light dust and pollution;
B. using optical fiber connector endface already contaminated, light modules (optical module) secondary pollution;
C. the improper use of the fiber optical connector end-face, face scratches and so on;
D. optical connector using poor quality;
2. ESD damage
ESD ElectroStatic Discharge abbreviated or "electrostatic discharge", is a rise time may be less than 1NS (1 billion a few thousandths of a second) or even hundreds of PS (1ps=10000 one-) a very fast process, ESD can produce dozens of Kv/m even more intense electromagnetic pulse. Electrostatic adsorption dust, change line impedance, affect the product's functionality and service life; ESD transient electric field or current produces heat, makes the symbol was injured, short term still works but life affected and even destroy components of insulation or conductors, components are not working (completely destroyed). ESD is inevitable, in addition to improving anti-ESD capacity of electronic components, is important to proper use, causing ESD damage factors are:
A. a dry environment, susceptible to ESD;
B. abnormal actions, such as: non-hot-pluggable optical modules (optical modules) the charged operation; static electricity protection does not do direct handing modules (optical module) ESD sensitive pin; not anti-static packaging during transportation and storage;
C. the devices are not grounded, or poor grounding;

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