Huawei's BusinessPON helps China Mobile to creat Gigabit POL network

- Jan 10, 2020-

As reported, Huawei is supplying its BusinessPON line product to China Mobile, helping China Mobile to create gigabit-capable passive optical LAN (POL) private network for commercial buildings and smart campuses in Chengdu.

The China Mobile believes the use of POL technology will provide several advantages for users:

1. Support of symmetrical transmission speeds of 10 Gbps, which enables gigabit private line access and a ten-fold increase in upload and download efficiency. Multiple users can access the network simultaneously without negatively affecting on network performance.

2. Security via IPsec VPN access support and hardware encryption and decryption engines. Huawei's chip and optimized algorithm support 3 Gbps VxLAN and provide one-hop access to the cloud in a secure manner;

3. Use an all-in-one gateway that replace multiple devices and reduce IT operation and maintenance costs by 30%;

4. Huawei says that PON-based approach can reduce machine room footprint by 80%, cabling costs by 50%, and power consumption by 60%.


According to Huawei, BusinessPON has been part of Huawei's complete PON product line and has been delivered to more than 30 operators worldwide, including 1.5 million 10G PON ports installed in central offices (CO).

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