How to determine if a DWDM system meets requirements

- Jul 06, 2016-

1, if the system is using existing equipment and facilities
2.5 Gbps DWDM system level should make full use of the existing equipment and cable facilities.
2, the system with fluoride or silica-based optical fiber amplifier
In 1530-1565-nm spectral, equipped with filters of silicon optical amplifiers and fluoride optical amplifier performance is good. However, fluoride optical amplifier is costly to implement. Long-term reliability of fluoride optical fiber has not been tested.
3, change the channel when the need for human intervention
When increasing or decreasing the light when the number of channels to achieve optimal performance, automatic adjustment of the optical amplifier. This is very important because, if high energy system has only one channel, then self phase modulation may cause system performance degradation. The other hand, the power is too low can lead to the gain of the amplifier could not get enough.
4, if the system is stable and reliable
After good engineering design and construction of DWDM system providing its own reliability and system availability and system redundancy. Although filters often suffer the effects of wet environment, but it is not a problem.
5, laser pump connectors
Optical amplifier has two key components: erbium-doped optical filters and amplifiers. Laser pump with a specific wavelength of Erbium laser activation element, er will play a role into the gain medium of the laser signal amplification. If you use connectors instead of directly engaging, slight surface dirt may damage the connector.
6, system and transfer rate is the number of wavelengths can be upgraded
Despite the variety of DWDM system, the answer is Yes, but this upgrade plan is also crucial. If service providers in a particular way to upgrade their network are assembled into a whole, the following behavior may occur: networks need more power or additional signal-to-noise ratio increases. For example, each supplier the number of channels or bit rate doubled when you need extra 3 dB signal to noise ratio increases.
7, the system is in compliance with standard maintenance interface
DWDM systems widespread use STL 1 interface. Interfaces should be adapted to the service provider the usual maintenance program.

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