Debugging and maintenance of optical fiber amplifier EDFA

- Jul 06, 2016-

With Wired Digital TV business in around of carried out, due to Wired Digital TV set TV technology, and computer and communications technology Yu one, built platform of costs input and maintenance technology difficulty increased, to state city level branch for based built wired TV digital TV platform is currently better of select, selection 1550nm simulation transmission way achieved branch company of networking, due to 1550nm window of low loss and transmission equipment price of constantly reduced. In the context of increasing number of local access networks optical node, its price makes 18dB-22dB high power erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) quantity to be used more and more.
From the look of it, very simple fiber amplifier EDFA was one optical input (IN) and optical output (0UT), display panels and Panel button. But if we do not pay attention to details. Has the potential to damage in the opening using fiber amplifier EDFA, now touch briefly on EDFA for commissioning and maintenance.
1. Measurement input optical power. And make a record. Manufacturers to provide optical fibre amplifier EDFA optical input power range is wide, but to ensure the carrier to noise ratio index, does not exceed the maximum allowable input power of conditions, should try to improve the fiber amplifier EDFA optical input power, normally not less than 3dB.
2. Shutdown conditions, wipe the pigtail end plugged after entering pigtail, optical amplifier output matches the fiber connections optical power meter, power on the testing output power complies with optical amplifier output power.
3. Again after shutdown, the pigtail is connected to optical splitter, measure tap each of the output power. And make a record.
4. Due to the amplifier's output power and high 63mW (18dB) ~158. 5mW (22dB) plug pigtail and the fiber end face is wiped, must be shutdown conditions, otherwise they will be in on the plug pigtail and wipe of the fiber end-face moments, due to the high reflection power damage optical transmitter module or module output fiber end face.

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